Sunday, December 11, 2011


Oh yeah, about 2pm today, I just accomplished my TOEFL iBT Test.
Hamdalillah.. Finally I free from any commitment of the EXAM!!

oke la. everything is just fine. now, i just have to pray for the best.

Actually, this morning I am not feeling very well,there is something wrong with my eyes. I dont know, my eyes are red. I have headache, but then exam must be go on even I were in accident. huu~~

Ok la ,forget all about the exams~
think about FREEDOM now!! even for a while 
and after this I will start my first project!
this one !! -----------------------------------

bunga bunga pink. pinky kah aku ni? ;p

My own album :)
I cant wait it!

Ok, til then! maasalamah!

p/s kak long, if u read this, I know u just cant wait to see the pics right? hehehe
dun worry, I will show it to u by hook or by crook :)

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