Sunday, December 4, 2011

babbling again~


Oh ya, I just finished SAT at Dalat International School in Penang. I think I am the only girl with hair covered, and there a few Malay boys. One of them is from INTEC too, but unfortunately I do not know his name, I just know his face. huu~

but, i guess it is not important right? teheee!

oke la, everything was going fine, I pray, for this time, I will pass the requirement.. ameeenn~

and now, I am struggling for TOEFL. this is the hardest part as there is SPEAKING SECTION! oh, no.


rilex2.. chill2.. practice make perfect! yahh ! cool jaa~

hmm.. actually, I miss a lot of things, seriously ..
last time, I saw al-kuliyah with the audiences were wearing the tudung labuh, do u know what is tudung labuh? u know, like tudung sekolah but, it is longer.
thats mean the tudung really cover you hair, your chest which is as asked by Islam.

yeah, I miss to wear this kind of tudung. In INTEC, particularly in American Degree Foundation Program, there are two people who are still with their identity; girl with tudung labuh. I respect them very much! Widad and Naimah.
What about me? It is still long and cover my hair and chest, but I have to put some brooches.

Hmm.. Well.. Ahh, I do not know to say.
Still people looking down at people who wear this kind of tudung. I do not know why. blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comMaybe because it is obsolete? Obscure? Old fashinoned? bla bla bla

I remembered Widad said before, " Kita kena buktikan budak tudung labuh pun boleh jugak pi Amerika"

She is right, this is a motivation for us to make people realize, make people know that BUDAK TUDUNG LABUH PUN BOLEH PI AMERIKA!

If I am not mistaken, we are the second batch from Maktab Mahmud who are going to study in US. Our senior, Faris had successfully in US, Iowa University.

You know, you are not only bring up your name, your family`s name and also Maahad`s name!

ah, sudah. banyak merepek~

and one more, I miss all the tazkirah. I stalked my friends` blog, and they are really good in giving tazkirah. congratulation friends! I wish I can be like all of you.

please pray for me kawan~
I miss all of you.
I miss the moments that we had together.
I miss the tazkirah that I had left a few month ago.
I miss it...
I miss you ..

. tears in smile .

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