Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Tazkirah :)

When you sleep, you dream.
When you sleep, you lost your mind.
You lost your body.
You leave the real world.
Anything you do in your dream will never affect your world.
When you wake up from your sleep, you are in the real world again.

The world is like a dream.

When you die, you lost your body.
You leave the real world.
BUT, anything you did in this dream, it will affect your hereafter.
and you will never ever WAKE UP from the sleep.

This world is the real dream for the hereafter.
Whatever you did in this short dream, you will receive it in the hereafter.

Jannah or Narr.
You choose.

1 comment:

diary 0f a princess said...

short n simple..but really meaningful :D