Monday, February 27, 2012

thanx a lot ya Allah!

Congratulations on your acceptance to Penn State!
I am pleased to offer you admission to The Smeal College of Business for Fall 2012 at Penn State University Park. I hope that the information provided on this page will help give you a head start on thinking about your offer to Penn State.
Click here to view and print your official offer of admission to Penn State. We will not be sending you a copy of this letter through the mail.
We have you classified as a first-year student with non-Pennsylvania residency. If you have questions about your classification, please contact Admissions for more information.
You can accept your offer online today. Details about fees and housing can be viewed through that system before you complete the process. Please review all of the information provided on this page as you consider your offer of admission to Penn State.
Penn State is proud of its long tradition of excellence. We invite you to become a part of that tradition.
Anne Rohrbach
Executive Director for Undergraduate Admissions

mekaseh Ya Allah~!


fizie said...

wah~ Alhamdulillah! congrats! tahniah! all the best kat sana nnt! :)

Miss Ami said...

Alhamdulillah.Congrat. em happy for you :')

Nurusaurus said...

wawawaawwa untunglaaaa... my friends pun ada yg dapat offer penn state tp rugi setahun la sbb buat IB huhu,.. tahniaaahhhh

nf_diana said...

@fizie : thank you :) sebenarnya masih lagi struggle dgn 1 lg requirement yang MARA perlukan.. pointer 3.0 and above. doakan!

@ami : ami, gila rindu agg!! sorry, ak xsempat nak msg or call ag.. fb pun xsmpat tgk.. xtguq sapa.. huu.. insyaALLAH free t kita jumpa k! before bulan 8..

*akak nurul : terima kasih akak :)
xrugi pun, setahun kat malaysia tu utk preparation yg byk sblm ke sana ;p

Aiisyah Gazali said...

tahniah and all the best ;)