Monday, July 9, 2012

INTEC life is over! #1


As stated above, yes, I had graduated from Intec. [ceh, graduated kan? padahal foundation je pun] well, actually we have our own ceremony. it shocked me as well. foundation pun ada graduation day? ha. megah betul bunyinya. well, officially i become intec alumni on 22nd June 2012 which is on Friday. Alhamdulillah!
To be at this point, it took a lot of efforts and TEARS! but then, this is life. i admit that I did not update this blog for a long long time, so I am going to just summarize what had happened in INTEC during a year I am here.

FALL 2011

This was my first semester in INTEC. I entered INTEC quite late compared to other ADFPs. ah, btw my program is called ADFP which stand for American Degree Foundation Program. You know what, ADFP is the quite famous in INTEC as the 'loudest' program. Why? You will know it if you read this further. Hhehe. Okay, for the first step in INTEC, I had a replacement test before I can get into any class. Alhamdulillah, I was in Fargo. Fargo is a place name somewhere in North Dakota, USA. Well, for your information we had about 11 classes for Fall semester, and yeah Fargo is ABCDEFGHIJK .. ah, that is. kira sendiri.

other races friends
 I am very grateful [sebenarnya takut] to be in this class. My class consists of Malay, Chinese, Indian and even Siamese. best kot, but somehow I feel something strange as I lived in Malay-Muslim environment since I was in kindergarten. I never mix with other race. Well, this was a great opportunity to have non-Malay-Muslim friends. When my class had to form groups, we had to mix genders and races. Ah, the group basically is for Oral Communication classes. We had to do radio drama and campaign for our project. This is when my true color shown. When my group recorded our voice for radio drama, someone make silly joke. And I was laugh like who really I am. Everyone was shocked. Haha. Well, maybe I felt comfortable with the group, and hello, this is the real me. : D
#Thanx to ikha, geevan, darryl and soon for the making me show my true color in INTEC.

English environment
For the first three month, I felt not very comfortable with ADFP environment. I was in religious school, so I always keep a distance with guys. But here, yeah, you know. and it was quite tough to face all that. But now, I am okay with the problem, hopefully I do not overboard. Ameen. and and another thing that I think I can adopt is English environment. Oh man, I was crying a lot of times. I was very shy to speak English, and I am. get what I mean? tak? ignore it. hee. english is one of why I want to quit INTEC for the first reason. Maybe on that time, i dont want to take risk, I mean, I dont want to challenge myself. When I though about it again, English is very important. No matter where I go, I must learn English. Perghh, lemah sikit bab bahasa ni. Thats why la. On that time, I dont really love Oral Communication subject as we have to communicate in English. Learning raise your hand to answer all the question, not just be like a hantu. Cakap pun orang taktahu siapa yg bercakap. I observed, non-Malay loves to do this. They just can complaint to the lecturers about this and that. Oh maybe this is university life. I can feel it here. Observe and learn. From this subject, I try my best to raise my hand and speak out. I am shy enough to speak English in public, even my speech and presentation are not really good. But for the sake of AAP, I really need to be brave. Yes, maybe I am not very loud (keep raising hand to answer question), but at least I try. ;D
Now Alhamdulillah, I can speak English but still .... I hope my English will not \be the reason why I cant study well in USA.

Wait, this is Fargo Fighters. Not all the fighters are here.

Semua muka muda lagi,
 can see the difference with these people
who are going to the USA this coming Fall 2012 :D

Ah, before that, okay. To fly high to USA, MARA`s scholars have to fulfill these requirements.

    1.  SAT >1000 [overall tak ingat. kuikui]
I took SAT twice; one in Metropolitan College in Sunway and another one in Dalat International School, Penang. Why you took twice? Ha, sebab tak over 1000 la. hehe.. Finally, I accomplished this by December. Alhamdulillah!

    2. TOEFL >79
This is one alhamdulillah, I take a test only in UUM. This is basically reading, listening, speaking and writing test for people whose native language is not English. Hmm. I think maybe it is harder that SAT as it required speaking test. I am very weakk in speaking. I admit, I cried the night before I sat for TOEFL. I was afraid, and I thought that I did not prepare well. At last, alhamdulillah, I pass the requirement for only one test! Alhamdulillah!

  3.  CGPA >3.0
This is what I am afraid most. For Fall semester, my result is not very good. Mine was below 3.0. The lecturers said even though the student get 2.99, MARA will not offer him/her to the States. Uh, it was quite tough here with the grading is like crazy.

.................................... # sleepy already, maybe I will continue tomorrow ... insyaAllah. .


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum ukhti :)

Saya nak tanya sikit. Kalau nak ambil ADFP ni, kita kena register lepas dapat result SPM ke apa? Saya ni tak de pengalaman langsung bab-bab uni. Lagi satu, kita boleh pilih ke uni yang kita nak. Syukran atas perkongsian.

*keadaan saya sebiji macam akak. Drpd kindergarten sampai high school, semua sekolah Islam swasta. :)

nf_diana said...

Waalaikumussalam sister fil Islam!

Firstly, sorry sangat sebab reply sebulan after. Sebenarnya jarang je saya check blog ni.Eheh

Secondly, okay pasal ADFP eh. Saya masuk INTEC sebab dapat scholarship from MARA. and waktu apply for scholarship tu, yang saya tau, kos saya minta tu diorg akan hantar ke USA. Thats all I knew on that time. Lepas dapat MARA tu, saya dihantar ke INTEC. and ambik ADFP. tu je, xdak la saya apply kat INTEC tu. sebenarnya boleh je apply sendiri, tapi seriously INTEC mahal la. kalau scholar PAMA awak (paham x? hehe) okay, maybe it is fine for you. and for university kat USA ni, yes awak boleh pilih sendiri. mana2 uni yang awak nak, you can choose. macam saya dulu, saya boleh pilih 3 university, yg mana, application fee semua MARA yang tnggung. kalau nak apply lebih dari 3 uni, awak kena tanggung fee dia sendiri la, which are in US Dollar. so macam mahal la jugak.

Menjwab soalan awak x? saya paham, saya anak sulung, and after spm dulu memang banyak tanya orang la. if you have any question, you just can shoot me with questions. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Salam awak. Ramai kawan saya yang non Malay dapat INTEC, may I know which scholarships yang diorang dapat sebab setahu saya mostly Malays are under MARA kan :)

nf_diana said...

wsalam awak!
haah most non Malay JPA, and JPA selalunya 2 tahun, and yg sama batch dgn saya insyaAllah semua akan fly this year :)

Anonymous said...

Salam sis.nak tanya,kalau nak apply adfp ni,at least kena dapat berapa A in spm ? :)

aqil amran said...

Assalamualaikum kak, jpa mmg 2 tahun ke? Bukan ADFP ni setahun ke? Sorry tanya walaupun entry dah lama , mgkin akak dah fly pun , haha

Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum. Saya nak tanya,biasanya Mara terima student yg dapat berapa A dalam SPM yg dihantar ke us mengikut pengetahuan ukhti.Dan ukhti jugak dapat berapa?

Daniel said...

Placement test tu objective or kena buat essay?

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum. Saya punya spm result average je. And i was thinking about applying ADFP at intec, self sponsor. But is it possible for me to get a scholarship from mara/jpa kalau saya score for first sem? Or dia nak tengok cgpa for the first year, baru boleh scholarship?