Monday, July 9, 2012

INTEC life is over #2


At the end of my previous post, I talked about the crazy grading in INTEC. This list I got from from Anis Nadhirah, my future roomate in States (misha, sila bangga :P)

and this is my Fall semester result :

my CGPA is only 2.97, and obviously it does not meet MARA`s requirement. Well, at this time, to get 3.0 above is the most challenging part for me. This is the only chance for me to study or not to study in the USA. This is the end of my Fall semester. Lets move on to Spring semester.


I am majoring in Supply Chain Management, or mudah cerita, it is a part of Business. So, I was in business class. There are only two classes for business course which is Boston and Chicago. I was in Chicago with all Malays in this class. (dah semua MARA scholar, memang la melayu kan). Okay, for ADFP, Spring is the most hectic semester. I do not know why, but yes, sangat hectic.

To be in the class with all Malays, maybe I should not scare of anything. Yet, I felt very nervous to be in that class. Most of them are fluent in English and some of them are native speakers. Dont you think they are cool? Can speak English without any hesitation. without worry about your grammar and bla bla. FUHH. cool kan?

But, Spring taught me something: To accept people who they are. Dont judge a book by its cover. Know people first before you judge them.
I was surrounded by people who are good in religion because I studied in religious school. I think myself   is not good compared to my other friends. Other than that, in school, I accept certain things or knowledge without questioned that thing. What about this? What if happened like this? and so on. INTEC really taught me about different people in this world. Students in INTEC is vice versa. They are searching, they are looking for the goodness. and they will questioned the thing till the are satisfied with the answer. I was imagined how I am going to face people with various religions in States nanti.

Previously, I dislike to keluar malam malam. I mean like having dinner after maghrib. But this hectic spring make me to keluar malam. Well, Spring change me quite a lot. -,- maybe.

As this the second semester and it was very hectic, I dont have much time to do outside activity. In spring, I learnt to give a speech, do research paper, write bibliography and many more. I think I learnt a lot of soft skills during Spring. I can remember how nervous I was while giving a not so prepared speech in front of Ms Asma, how Mr. Kamal tear off my paper (and my friends too) because of the wrong format, how I got my second test for Calculus for Business (that people said it is easy), how I read a lot of books about Vietnam economy, and a lot moreeee!! Seriously, I learnt a lot (just realised this when I list out all Spring memory. hee)

and not to forget about my class which was very SUMMER. some of classmates said it was like Sahara. We are keep changing class because of the aircond. We illegally entered Korean classes just to make sure we felt comfortable during class. At the end of spring, we decided to change class into one of MEP (Middle East Program) class that I think that should not called as a class. It is sooo biggggg!! How big it is? The room is very big till we can put mat there. we pray there and some of boys had their khailulah in the class. We also had our parade training in the class without rearranging the tables. Can you imagine how big it is? :D
Some of the classes get jealous with us because we can do anything just in our class. hee

Talking about class parade. Well. Hmm.. No comment here. Just saying, I learnt that before I get any project, I should make a research first what it all about. Just to make sure, the project is not against Islam. peace :)
but, I think our class parade maybe gave some general knowledge to other students who are wondering why there was a controversy for our parade. Sapa tau senyap sudah. At least me, and my other friends who do not know about it can learn. :D

Chicago cago

Other than this, we also have Speech Night during Spring semester. In Speech Night, the lectures will point a student from each class to give a speech in front of the crowd. I think this is a good idea as it will increase the level of confidence of students. With the support from classmates, the students who gave the speech will make their best in their speech, eventually make the students become more confident to speak in public. For my class, this is the lucky person to represent my class:

What we did to support him?
1. banner
2. posters
3. change our DP in FB

Why we did all this? We were like to give him support and make him more confident with himself.

During this hectic life, students started getting the offer from various universities.I got the offer from Penn State which I think the best choice. Penn State is ranked no 3 for supply chain management by us news. Penn State is like maahad jugak, they have many campuses all over Pennsylvania. I get the main campus, University Park, alhamdulillah. Well, that is. For now, I pass all the requirements : SAT done, TOEFL done, University Placement done. One more thing that still make me 50-50 to further study in the USA is my CGPA. So, hows the result? Am I qualified to further study in the USA?

Alhamdulillah, I got above 3.0. I did not aim high because I know it is quite tough for me, just ordinary student, quite possible to get dean list, 3.5 and above. Like our Pengarah said, " INTEC bukan lagi tempat kamu bersaing, tapi cuma tempat untuk kamu lepas requirement tajaan masing-masing untuk melayakkan kamu study oversea".
Yes, betul. I aimed dean list when I wan in IIUM (only for a month there ;p), but in INTEC,no. I dont want to aim high because I know my ability. Nah, present for my parents! :)

Waitt! I still have another semester to go through which is SUMMER SEMESTER. Two months only :)
Next post lah, tired already :p


Dana Muslimaah said...

Assalamu Alaykum,
MashaAllah wonderful blog :)


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum kak.I enjoyed reading your blog..btw thanks for sharing your experiences.really inspired me.selamat berkenalan.Im dahlia.your intec junior.im taking logistic/supply chain management course.i couldnt find any senior in intec right now who is taking this particular course.i really hope u can guide me.

nf_diana said...

Wsalam. Thanks awak sudi ziarah sini. So, dahlia, kita samaaaaaa. Aha, memang, kitorg 6 org first batch yg MARA hntar utk scm course. And kitorg semua kat penn state. hehe. kalau ada apa-apa, feel free to email me; dianaaffip93@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Ok..Thank you so much! In Sha ALLAH,I'll email you.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum. Biasanya what are the minimum requirement of A’s in SPM does Mara send to US based on your information. And akak jugak dapat berapa A spm? TQ