Sunday, November 20, 2011

randomly ..

Assalamualaikum ..

It is quite a long time I do not write in this site. Don`t worry, I am still alive :D
It just I have no time to on9. (ini tipuuuu ;p)

Hahaha .. well, actually I do not have any topic to write. hmm.. for this time, I try to squeeze my brain to think about what should I write.

Cik Siti Wan Kembang asked me to write about my latest story ( err.. actually I promised her)
sorry wan. I do not have any idea. bla bla bla ;p

okay.. [ still thinking .. ]

haa, okay.

it is about THANK YOU.

I don`t know what other people think, it is my opinion. It is mine , okay.

yes, THANK YOU. just a simple word.

do you know how thank you give a big influence if u say it after your friend help you?

For me, it is very big! I don`t know how to explain this.

You know, I think it is quite rude to say nothing to the person who ease your work.

Yes, I am not begging for your thank you, I am sincere to help you. [ ikhlas tak leh cakap lorr. ;p ]

but deep inside my heart, I want it.

You know, the word make me appreciated.

I don`t know. =,="

Yeah, never mind if you want to say it or not.

It is your choice.

But, if YOU help people, don`t YOU want a little bit appreciation ?

Ha? You don`t want??

Aha , ok fine.

so, you don`t have to say thank you.

p/s budi bahasa budaya kita ..

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Aiisyah Gazali said...

hai diana. miss you ;)

thank you for updating your blog ;p