Sunday, November 27, 2011

Assalamualaikum ...

Haaa .. yes2.. now i know it!
now i know, why most of my friends rarely to say THANK YOU!
because they are MALAYSIAN!!
You don believe it?
Aha, just read this article, it was written by non-Malaysian. I repeat, non-Malaysia.
pendek kata, omputeh KOT.
he wrote this in a column of The Sundaily.

Language isn’t the problem

AFTER five years of living and working in Malaysia, I am returning to my home country. I have had many amazing experiences here, have felt connected to the local communties and have not been living in the expatriate fish bowl.

There is one huge issue, however, that stands out as a negative for the people of Malaysia and its future. While the use of certain languages has been for years the focus in the media and the community, it shouldn’t be an important one. The big focus should be the major lack of civilities in public.

Whether I am in the local convenience store in my suburb of KL, or in the queue to have my fruit and vegetables weighed in the supermarket, I rarely hear a Malaysian say please or thank you. Mostly, they don’t even acknowledge the shop assistant.

Whether the language is Bahasa Malaysia, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, Tamil or English, these are two very important words. This lack of civility covers all walks of life from the rich to the poor, all races and creeds.

So Malaysia, while I have loved living here and contributing to your society in the form of education, I have always been astounded at the stern faces and lack of manners. The shop assistants you so readily don’t engage with deserve the same respect you would offer your boss. Smile and say please or thank you. It makes a huge difference.

Gordon Reid
Kuala Lumpur

i have told ya ..
lalalalala ..
*walking happily

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