Thursday, August 4, 2011

Second New Life in 2011

Assalamualaikum .

maybe gonna be a short post .
well , i think this gonna be my journal .
honestly , i never write a diary , to list down all incidents on particular day ,
my blog . this is my blog whre i write everything i want .

i am at intec now .
International Education Centre
oh , nampak hebat la sgt ayat international tuh .

hebat , boleh bangga la konon .
ceh . do u know how TERRIBLE MY LIFE HERE?

yeah , not u . only me .
only me .

about INTEC .

1. so much pupils here , and for sure these students are going to fly through out this world ; Mesir , Australia , German , Japan , Korea , USA ect ect
so for adek2 who wish to go oversea , ur life is begin right here .

2. MOST of these students are sponsored by JPA , MARA , BANK NEGARA and so onn . so, for sure they are very clever , intellingent , pndai2 , hingga ada ja yang bleh kalahkan albert einstein

3. the campus and the college is quite far. Campus at seksyen 17 , the college at seksyen 18 . but , not need to worry , there is a lot of bus provided , yet , they are still not enough for thousands of students here . hahaha . HIPERBOLA .

4. whats more u want to know ? if at cemara or akasia , u dun have to worry bout food . u can find 3 kedai mamak , mydin , giant and many more . siapkan ja duit byk2

no more i think . for the one who are going to register at intec for next2 year , just prepare urself physically and mentally . ini bukan tipu . it is a fact .
if u are memang pandai gila2 like the chinese , so u don have to worry much , insyaALLAH u can live happily here ,
if u are biasa2 saja , like me .. hmm .. just prepare urself .

sikit about my programme , in case for my reference in next 30 years , or my grandchildren reference . HAHAHA

im taking American Degree Foundation Programme or ADFP
for sure u are prepare to enter university in USA
before u enter the class , u have a placemet test ,
im in Fargo , 20 students ; 7 girls , 13 boys ; 4 indians , 4 chinese , 12 malay
AH , for ADFP students , u have to sit for this 2 test ; SAT and TOEFL
if u are not pass this two exams , ready to say GOODBYE to AMERICA .

thats all .
see ya .
pleaseeee pray for me .
i just like a DEAD PERSON here .
thanx .

"Sesungguhnya setiap kesusahan pasti ada kesenangan"
and i am still waiting for the rainbow ,
i am tired to be here ,to be in heavy rain .


Cik Nurul said...

try doing IB..

nf_diana said...

akak , sokey . try to adapt with this envi :)

fizie said...

it's really that hard? my frens there never mention anything. perghh..never think that the have to struggle there. anyway, all the best ye. ^_^ (mampu kata yg tu ja. haha)

nf_diana said...

hard?not kot.well,it just me,cultural shock mybe.
envi here is COMPLETELY DIFFRENT from my previous school and also UIA .
yes,of course we have to struggle hard here.not just hard,IT IS HARDER.
btw,thnx yah. n i really miss our class at uia,seriously ..

fizie said...

different camna tu ?

HARDER? oh, good luck! here, we've started to struugle harder. no play2 much like dulu la. haha

and ur name's still in the class list tau. nampak sgt uia takmau lepas. :)

rahimah nuryati said...

:-D klu tangan saya panjang , dah pasti kuhulur salam tahniah. CONGRATs dpt chance study oversea . go away to sedeyh dulu2 yg x dpt gi oversea..

and btw, welcome to intec .( cewah , mcm la k.emah duk ada kt situ ). bc post ni , teringat balik zaman intec k.emah . rindu la zaman tu . ok , enjoy ur life kat intec though of course banyak giler assingment , presentation , exam and all sorts of things . be strong okeh !

it'll take 2 years kan fety kat intec tu , ? klu 2 tahun sempat la kak emah visit fety kat usa nt ..haha smpat plak berangan nak gi usa..ngeh2...x pon fety visit k.emah kat sni..hehe , ke cmna?

ok , waiting for ur reply...ALL D BEST . GOOD LUCK !!

miss u <3

Anonymous said...

salam ukhuwwah...
kwn ni nak tanya cket, actually adfp ni brape lama? ada yg kata 12months la, 14 months la, 1 & a 1/2 year la. and one more thing, intake dia January ke July? syukran in advance :)