Sunday, August 14, 2011


Assalamualaikum .

And again, Im still alive here, at INTEC :)

Errr , is that smile show my excitement? Hehehe
Well , mybe finally i can adapt with the environment here, after A MONTH.
but, still 50-50

never mind,
either i can adapt or not,
it is not important anymore.
the most important is mid year exam is around the corner!
when it is?
absolutely,ba`da raya..
sooo, for this raya i cant enjoy it vry much
as i have to struggle for my xm.

= yeah , this is the most exciting for ADFP students
= we have a practice test EVERY WEEK , on Wednesday, and of course evryone is very depressed with this as all the results will be give to ur sponsor.
= well,in shorts,u have to maintan ur result throughout the year.
=what it is? =,="
well,SAT is one of the examination that required to further ur study in USA.
it is 4 hours exam,and u maybe have 10-15 minutes break(im not sure),but dun worry,u have break
there 10 sections,each section u have to answer it in 25 minutes.i repeat 25minutes.after the 25min is over,u CANNOT turn to previous page to recheck ur answer,to answer the questions that u left it behind,U CANNOT!
=hows the preparation?
ermm..for the preparation,u have to memorize all eccentric lexicons.means,u have to memorize the strange vocab such as colloquy(discussion), anachronistics(old-fashioned) and so onn . IF U R NOT MEMORIZE IT,of course u cant answer the question
there is math questions too. well it just ABCDE, and there 10 subjective questions for math.it is not tough,u just can shade which alphabet u want.but for one wrong,u`ll be panalyzed.

it is quite tough too becoz u have to SPEAK TO THE COMPUTER.
oh ALLAH,thats the most part that i HATE.
ELLLOOO..im introvert person,my english is not fluent,and..
aahhhh,,hate it.
it consist of 4 parts;speaking,reading,writing and listening
not much bout toefl,but seriously it is very tough.FOR ME.

it is more to add.math in high school, but of course it is more difficult.
well, it is quite confusing and .....
speechless ;p

it is a bout Islam.
the book title is Asas Pembangunan Insan KOT
it is very basic thing that a Muslim should know.
and..the ustaz is from BALING,KEDAH
my hometown.

ohh,,finally i can hear sumone speak in KEDAH !!
like in heaven~~


more happy to be here after i attended Challenge in Europe that organized by ISMA.
myb i got the ruhul jadid (myb)
this is for the sake of ummah.
muslim study from THE PEOPLE,
we learn, we take their positive attitude,
and we try to aplicate in our daily life.


Miss Ami said...

colloquy huh? gilaklah. kena google jugaklah nk dengar pronounce mcm mana.
u've improved a lot la dear. congrats ! and good luck for the every-week-test. May Allah bless both of us. :]

nf_diana said...

ahh..i think im not la..my grammar mcm teeetttt..malu kot dok sini.