Thursday, May 28, 2009



as u know,tomorrow ( forKedah, Kelantan n Terengganu) we are going to start our first-term holiday (Icuti penggal pertama,btol ke?).. so,for the hostel students they are the happiest people today,bcoz they can LEAVE their hostel and stay at home for 2 weeks..home sweet home~welcome home,honeyyy~~~

but,don`t forget..even we are not at school,as a student we have to study..for me,this is the time we can finish ALL NOTES,HOMEWORK and REVISE what we had learned..this is also the time to help our mother,father..means tighten bonds with ur family..

please,don`t waste ur time during holidays..time is gold..very precious..so,plan in wisely!i said this just for u and me..

p/s eager waiting this Saturday!Dayah will going home..Dayah,i`m waiting for u..welcome home!

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