Friday, April 17, 2009

How far do I think people are affected by what they see on television?


I think television exerts a huge influence in people who watch it.I said this based on my own experience and I observed in people`s behavior.

Television affects the way I think and respond to the world.The impact of advertisement is the GREATEST so much so I am more likely to buy something that I have been seen on television than something that is unfamiliar to me.Popular`s brand etched into my brain and they pop up quickly whenever I am faced with different choices what I want.I usally end up buying familiar brands eventhough it costs more.I saw my friends and families are doing the same.So,we can conclude that the power of advertisement is undisputed,

The news also affects the people greatly.Literally,the whole world or a large parts of the world`s population went into grief when they heard about Princess Diana`s death from the news in television.News about a tragedy somewhere in the worlds always triggers a corresponding response from concerned people all around the world.The victims of earthquake and other disasters receive help and donation from those who are not affected.These people give donation and help based entirely by what they see on television and the news media.

On a more predictable level,news of sporting events regularly affects all those who tuned into them.So,it is not suprising to hear the youngster talking about a soccers scores in England and how Christiano Ronaldo missed his penalty,so on and so forth.In fact,crowds of fans can be seen huddled together in Mamak`s restaurant and other public places watching a television match soccer transmitted live from a stadium several thousands miles away.The shouts of joy and dismay can be distictly heard as they follow every moves of their heroes make.The influence on them of what they see on television is undeniable.

Lastly,television exerts a huge influence on people watching them,but how truthful or accurate the contents are communicated to the people?The advertisements can be misleading and news can be distorted by who is communicating them.In actuality nobody knows the accuracy and truthfulness of what is communicated.No one really cares about it.The facts is that people are influence by what they see on television,for better or for worse..


that is for my oral on 20th April 2008..wish me luck~

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SATNAV said...

Yup. Everything you've said in this post is true. People (including me) are definitely influenced by television (and other media for that matter).